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World's Most Evil Gadgets世界上最不幸的科技產品意外(上)

(1) iPods kick out the jams -- and the flames!

Obviously one of the most popular gadgets around, the iPod was due for some problems. A string of incidents occurred with the nano's battery catching fire, including an airport worker whose pants caught on fire. This malfunction most likely occurs because of the lithium-ion battery in the first-generation devices, and now the Japanese government is ordering Apple to investigate the problem. More recently, Engadget received blurry photos showing two iPod Touch players that allegedly caught on fire. We're still not sure what's up, but if your iPod feels hot, be careful.
(1) iPod煙火秀
時下最流行的電子產品iPod就是第一位加害人,iPod Nano之前曾發生一連串電池起火意外,包括造成一名機場員工的褲子著火,起火的原因很可能與其所使用的第一代鋰電池有關,目前日本政府已經下令 Apple進行調查,不過最近咱們又收到幾張模糊的照片,寄件人聲稱照片中的iPod Touch也上演同樣的煙火秀,所以提醒大家,要是大家手上的iPod真的很燙的話,請隨時準備滅火器。

(2) Cell phone batteries cause more harm than cancer!
Another gadget to use lithium-ion batteries, the cell phone, has a history of problems with blowing up. Victims include children, a pregnant woman in India who escaped with minor burns, and a 22-year-old Chinese welder who died when the phone in his chest pocked exploded. The problem doesn't seem to be relegated to only one brand, with Nokia getting hit hardest after being forced to recall 46 million at-risk batteries. Keep an eye out for any recalls involving your phone.
(2) 手機也喜歡上演煙火秀

(3) Phones the make you love them so much you'll do anything to save them -- even die!
People's addictions to their gadgets can be much worse more than BlackBerry thumb and separation anxiety, at least when it comes to retrieving lost phones. In two separate incidents last June, people drowned while trying to retrieve a dropped phone. First, a Wisconsin man was trapped in a sewer drain, and a day later, a 16-year-old from North Carolina was killed in a lake. Last January, a tourist in New York jumped onto subway tracks to get his iPhone, but luckily survived. Hopefully these incidents serve as a cautionary tale for the rest of the cell phone-using world.
(3) 失手機,毋寧死?
現代人對於電子科技產品的重度依存症,可能比俗稱黑莓拇指(BlackBerry thumb)的拇指腱炎來得嚴重的多,去年六月發生的兩起因手機而起的溺斃意外,一名威斯康辛州男子為了拯救他的手機而在下水道淹死,隔天,一名16歲的北卡羅來納州的少年,也為了同樣的原因溺斃於湖中,去年一月,紐約有一名觀光客的iPhone不小心掉到地鐵鐵軌上,居然縱身跳到鐵軌上撿手機,幸好他的手機和小命都有撿回來,希望大家看了這幾個例子後,能好好想想手機和生命到底哪個比較重要!

(4) Mom was right -- video games are bad!
People can argue all day long about gaming being bad for you, but there's no debate that "Arm Spirit," a Japanese arm wrestling game, is harmful to your health. The arcade cabinet featured a plastic robot arm that went against players, but unfortunately, it was a bit too aggressive for some -- it broke three gamers' arms. In total, 150 cabinets were recalled, even though a spokesperson said, "Even women should be able to beat it."
(4) 壓手霸變成斷手吧
電動遊戲機引發的親子之爭應該不少,家長們總會嘮叨著,放學不要到遊樂場逗留打電動,小孩們則是爭辯著,不是所有的電動都是不良電動,不過對於這款日本推出的壓手霸遊戲機Arm Spirit,大家應該很容易達成共識吧!遊戲機上的塑膠機器人手臂隨時歡迎著大家來挑戰,不幸的是,有三位挑戰者因此手臂骨折,雖然製造商宣稱,連女生都能打敗它,最後還是回收了150台遊戲機。

(5) Mom is still right -- Bad Video Games, part 2
When the Nintendo Wii first came out, people were amazed at the gameplay and shocked when the next-gen console started leading to physical and property damage. While many incidents can be chalked up to recklessness -- Nintendo didn't make you walk into your friend's backswing -- many of the earlier Wiimotes had faulty straps that sent the controllers flying, sometimes breaking TVs. The phenomenon led to sites like WiiHaveAProblem.com and this hilarious Southwest Airlines commercial.
(5) Wiimote滿客廳飛

(6) Your teacher was right, too -- Bad Video Games, part 2
The advent of portable video games certainly added to the millions of ways kids goof off in class, but for one unlucky middle-schooler, his punishment was much worse than detention. A 12-year-old in Michigan felt the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in his pocket rapidly heat up, eventually burning through his pocket and melting to his skin. It's still unclear if it was the boy's fault for using the wrong battery or just a freak malfunction, but one thing is known: The disc in the PSP was popular driving game 'Burnout.'
(6) 火燒PSP

(7) GPS takes drivers on a scenic route -- to trouble
Long before it happened to Michael Scott on 'The Office', GPS systems have rewarded their users' blind faith by leading them into harm's way. A rash of incidents have occurred in the past year, including a British woman who drove her Mercedes into a river, a Swiss trucker drove down a pedestrian walkway, a New York man's car was hit by a train after cruising onto tracks, and two truckers who found themselves wedged in tight spots in two separate locations. Please, people -- pay attention to the road signs before someone really gets hurt.
(7) GPS帶領大家通往意外的路上

(8) Robots Are Evil, Part 1
Anyone who spends time on the Internet knows it's full of dangerous information, and one Australian man proved that it can be downright deadly. Just this week, an 81-year-old built a complex robotic device that fired a .22 caliber bullet from downloaded plans and used it to commit suicide. The exact nature of the device hasn't been revealed, but apparently it remotely fired four shots, leaving him dead in his driveway.
(8) 闖下滔天大禍的自動手槍

(9) Robots Are Evil, Part 2
In another robot-involved shooting more akin to the 'Terminator' movies, an anti-aircraft gun killed nine soldiers and injured 14 after malfunctioning. The gun, designed to automatically target and fire at enemy aircraft and missiles without any human intervention, began wildly spraying "hundreds of high-explosive 0.5kg 35mm cannon shells around the five-gun firing position." The weapon ceased firing only after running out of ammunition.
(9) 原來闖禍的不只一把槍
同樣闖出大禍的還有高射砲,原本設計成不需要人工操作,就能自動瞄準敵人飛機、飛彈,沒想到受到爆炸影響而故障,反而對著自家的五個陣地發射了上百顆0.5kg 35mm的高效能砲彈,最後高射砲因用完砲彈才停止攻擊,卻已造成9名士兵死亡,14名士兵受傷。