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World's Most Evil Gadgets世界上最不幸的科技產品意外(下)

(11)Laser printers -- silent but deadly
Workplace dangers are no joke, but hearing that one of the worst may be your friendly laser printer is quite surprising. Last July, the Queensland University of Technology released a study saying that office printers produce ultra-fine particle clouds that are comparable to cigarette smoke and vehicle emissions. HP, which manufactured some of the highest emitters in the study, strongly disagreed, of course. Since then, no immediate health risks have been proven, so print at your own risk.
(11) 辦公室裡的沉默殺手:雷射印表機
說是意外,其實一點也不意外,辦公室裡的危險物品不少,而平時最常接觸的雷射印表機其實就是最毒的殺手,根據去年七月昆士蘭科技大學(Queensland University of Technology)所發表的研究顯示,辦公室印表機所產生的懸浮微粒,就像二手煙和汽車排放的廢棄一樣對人體有害,這篇報告出來後,印表機製造商HP自然是嚴正否認,而至今則尚未有印表機對人體直接造成傷害的案例出現,所以......大家自己只能小心囉!

(12) Camera cuts out 'red eye' -- and pieces of your hand
Last August, Sony announced that it was recalling over 400,000 Cyber-shot cameras because of a potential defect that could lead to cuts or scratches. Apparently, the metal casing could warp and produce a jagged edge that could injure the user's hands, which allegedly happened to 30 people in Japan. Sure, it's hardly the most evil thing on this list but hey, hand cuts can hurt too!
(12) 會刮手的數位相機

(13) Fuel fires certainly do blow
Cleaning up a lawn on a brisk fall day with a new leaf blower can be a fun chore, provided you're not using one of these backpack blowers from Shindaiwa. These models were recalled last summer after it was found that the muffler's casing could melt, allowing gas to escape, which in turn could damage the fuel tank and cause a fire. Got it? Luckily, only one incident of little consequence was reported before the recall. Good thing, because nothing's safer around dry leaves than flames.
(13) 會吹葉也會燒葉的危險吹葉機

(14) The PC guy from the Mac vs. PC ads would love this...

In addition to problems with iPods, the people at Apple might need to worry about its PowerBook AC adapters. Last summer, a head writer for 'David Letterman' had his adapter produce smoke and sparks. Rather than disconnect it, he videotaped it happening again. Whether it was for the sake of comedy or safety, we've all been warned.
(14) PowerBook變壓器冒煙記
蘋果旗下的產品,除了iPod外,現在連PowerBook變壓器也出了問題,去年夏天,美國脫口秀節目David Letterman的一名編劇,發現自己的PowerBook變壓器開始冒煙、產生小小的火花後,他的反應不是馬上拔掉插頭,而是把畫面錄了下來,姑且不論他的動機是不是為了節目之用,總之,所有的PowerBook使用者都要小心了。

(15) A crappy malfunction
One of the times you never want to deal with a wiring malfunction is when you're sitting on your toilet, but for almost thirty users of Toto's Z-Series bowls, that's exactly what happened. An electric bidet accessory apparently caused three toilets to catch fire, while 26 more emitted smoke due to a wiring mishap. Luckily, all the products were promptly recalled. Stick to toilet paper, ok?
(15) 可能會燒掉屁股的免治馬桶
大家在上廁所時,最不想碰到的應該就是馬桶出問題,偏偏Toto Z系列免治馬桶的使用者就這麼倒楣,由於馬桶座的電路出了問題,造成3個馬桶起火燃燒,26個馬桶冒煙,意外發生後,廠商便立即回收所有產品,所以......以後上廁所擦屁股還是用衛生紙就好。

(16) Talk about a warm rinse...
Combining electricity and water doesn't seem like a good recipe, so it shouldn't be any surprise that dishwashers can turn on you. Last year, Maytag announced it was recalling 2.3 million units in North America after 135 reports of fires and four injuries. The company blamed a "potential leak issue," which is exactly where you'd think they'd be most careful.
(16) 水+電=洗碗機火災

(17) Hello Scalding Liquids
Just like Elmo, Hello Kitty isn't scary at all, if you overlook the unnerving amount of grown-ups who love these cartoonish Japanese dolls. Yet one of these feline toys that was designed to keep kids warm in bed went from snuggly to terrifying after it was proven to be dangerous. When heated, a chemical in the doll could react, causing it to lose stability and spray extremely hot liquid onto whomever is holding it at the time. And no, it's not a suitable way to teach your kids that life isn't fair.
(17) 會燙傷人的Hello Kitty
如果連Elmo都會開口罵人,那麼Hello Kitty會發火也不稀奇了,圖中附有可微波式的Hello Kitty熱水袋,本來應該在冬天時為小孩子取暖,不過娃娃裡的化學物質在加熱後,卻會變得極不穩定,造成內部的熱水因爆炸而噴灑出來,製造商Takara已緊急回收該產品。

(18) Paper notebooks never did this...
Leave a notebook computer on your lap for too long and you may get a bit warm, so is it any wonder to find out that laptop batteries can be trouble? Just like cell phone batteries, lithium-ion laptop batteries occasionally melt, burst into flames, and even explode. Last year, Sony recalled 9.6 million batteries leaving users of different notebook brands in a bind. Again, check to make sure you're not in any danger before your computer rebels against all the crappy music you download.
(18) 至少紙做的notebook不會熱到發燒